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Precious Cargo

| by plaza theatre

Fri: 7:10, 9:20 Sat: 5:00, 7:10 Sun: 5:00 PM Mon – Thu: 7:10 PM After a botched heist, Eddie (Bruce

Men and Chicken: 4/29

| by plaza theatre

Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal) stars in this delirious comedy from Denmark’s Anders Thomas Jensen (The Green Butchers), about two sadsack brothers

Elstree – 5/6

| by plaza theatre

A STAR WARS themed documentary crowd-funded by the series’ famously devoted fan-base, ELSTREE 1976 explores the lives of the bit

SOLD – 5/6 to 5/12

| by plaza theatre

Every year, millions of children disappear; trafficked and sold as slaves, for sex, for labor. This is happening in every

A Piece of Me – 5/8

| by plaza theatre

One man’s (Bryce King) unwillingness to forgive his father for years of verbal, physical & mental abuse that was inflicted

Neon Bull: 5/13

| by plaza theatre

Wild, sensual and utterly transporting, Brazilian writer-director Gabriel Mascaro’s second fiction feature unfolds within the world of the vaquejada, a

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  • SHOWTIMES: 4/22 – 4/28

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show (R)
    Fri: 11:55 PM

    Precious Cargo (R)
    Fri: 7:10, 9:20
    Sat: 5:00, 7:10
    Sun: 5:00 PM
    Mon – Thu: 7:10 PM

    Stop Making Sense (NR)
    Fri: 11:00 PM
    Sat: 9:20 PM
    Mon – Thu: 7:15 PM

    zio geatano e morto ()
    Sat: 5:30 PM

    God Willing (Se Dio Vuole) (NR)
    Sat: 7:30 PM

    Italo Barocco ()
    Sun: 5:30 PM

    La nostra terra (NR)
    Sun: 7:30 PM

    La terra dei santi (NR)
    Sat: 9:30 PM

    Noi e la Giulia (NR)
    Fri: 9:15 PM

    Perez (NR)
    Fri: 7:30 PM


    Box office opens 30 minutes prior to first show. Call the Plaza Box office at 404-873-1939


    General Admission/Rocky Horror/
    The Room


    Matinee Before 4pm

    Repertory Films

    Senior/Children after 4pm

    Same as General Admission

    Movies Longer Than 3 Hours
    Same as General Admission

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