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Eden’s Garden – 9/4


Get ready for a night to remember! SKE &TSOC will host a night of fun and entertainment, by screening the new official Eden’s Garden “Double Nature” that is currently only available in film festivals and will not be released online.

Doors open at 6 PM: Show starts at 7 PM!
Genre: Drama
Episode Description
EDEN’S GARDEN “Double Natures” 2017 PILOT Episode
Directed by:Seven King

Eden’s Garden has returned with a whole new entry, story & cast. See where Eden ended up in his journey and watch the story unfold before your eyes. This episode is full of surprises. Welcome back to Eden’s Garden. “Double Nature” 2017.
Double Nature will not be released online, due to the episode being screened at current film festivals. This pilot will be screened privately at the Plaza Theater in Atlanta, Ga!

Our mission is to connect to all different walks of life, by teaching and exposing the unspoken about realities lived under the radar. Eden’s Garden is a mutual story that all can relate too. However, the story is told from the perspective of Transgender Men. This impactful drama web series will change perception on many levels, as the viewers get to see the daily struggles, challenges, relationships, accomplishments, and journey of men of trans experience. Eden’s Garden is focused on many social relevant issues such as trans-reality issues and struggles, trans-dating, same-sex dating, HIV and AIDS awareness, infidelity, promiscuity, homophobia, gay-bashing, trans-bashing, friendships and betrayals. This will be a suspenseful journey in each of the lives of the starring trans-male friends in the series.

This project with Eden’s Garden takes an original an imaginative approach because it has never been done before, period. Never in history up to this current date, was their a scripted series about transmen of color ever written. This series takes place in a narrative form, describing the friendship around Eden’s life. This series gives you a view of trans-people through the character Eden’s eyes. This series has stories that can be fictional but based on true stories. This series has been covered by numerous articles from ebony magazine, advocate an more. The buzz that circulated this series was due to the fact that it has never been done before.


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