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Elizabeth Blue – 9/22

Recently released from a short stay in a mental hospital after coping with a Schizophrenic episode, Elizabeth has returned home to her Los Angeles studio apartment where she lives with her fiancé, Grant. With the love and support of Grant and the help of her new psychiatrist, Dr. Bowman, Elizabeth is doing her best to navigate through life. Haunted by daily voices, hallucinations, anxiety, failing medications and her cold and seemingly unsupportive mother, Carol, Elizabeth fears that Grant won’t be able to deal with her much longer. Undeterred by it all, Grant stands by her side while Elizabeth attempts to regain control of her mental stability and her life as she plans their wedding.

The film, which was helmed by first time feature director Vincent Sabella, also wrote the screenplay. The Los Angles based artist who has 3 award winning short films under his belt, is also a functioning schizophrenic. Sabella based the story on a period in his own life in 2010 when his medications failed, much like the character of Elizabeth. During this time, Sabella’s husband, Indie Film Producer and Executive, Joe Dain (“Gardens of the Night”, “Geography Club”) struggled to find the right combination of medications, which took nearly a year.

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