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Starts Friday baba

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The Bababdook

Fri: 9:15 PM
Thu, Jun. 29: 8:00 PM

Amelia (Essie Davis) is a widow who lost her husband in a heart-breaking stroke of shit luck: he was killed in a car accident while driving to the delivery of their first son. Now six years old, young Sam (Noah Wiseman) has begun to develop behavioral problems and incestuous tendencies, and their neighbors have become increasingly distant as a result. When Amelia discovers a ominously-covered, never-before-seen pop-up book called The Babadook on Sam’s shelf, she decides to immediately debut it as a bedtime story.

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  • Showtimes 6/23 – 6/29

    Deconstructing The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper (NR)
    Fri: 7:10 PM
    Sat: 4:20, 9:45
    Sun: 3:00, 5:15
    Tue: 9:35 PM
    Thu: 5:45 PM

    The Babadook (NR)
    Fri: 9:15 PM
    Thu: 8:00 PM

    The Room (R)
    Sun: 7:30 PM

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show (R)
    Fri: 11:55 PM

    The Last Face (R)
    Fri: 4:00 PM


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